“Recognizing Your Purpose”

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – Thessalonians 5:18

The last few weeks, I have not felt my best experiencing a variety of symptoms but at the same time still feeling grateful. Initially, I found myself trying to distinguish which symptoms were autoimmune related and which were not.

Ultimately, I was just grateful to God as my situation could have been very different which has been the case for so many individuals around the world for no particular rhyme or reason. Often, I say, “Everything happens for a reason.” God always has a plan, and as devastating as a situation may be, if we look we will find the positive.

Through my daily struggles of living with an autoimmune disease as well as the new challenges we are experiencing, it has given me an opportunity to reflect and focus on the positives in life. Before these times of uncertainty, I did my best not to take things for granted. Now, I’m more appreciative of the simple pleasures in life as well as physical abilities no matter how limited they may be as so many today are fighting for their lives.

Several weeks ago, we didn’t realize just how much we take time and freedom for granted. Before, we had no social distancing guidelines and could visit with family and friends. Yet, we allowed other things to prevent us from sharing these precious moments. We could move about freely in shopping centers, ballparks and churches. Now, we are shopping according to restricted store hours (while wearing a mask), using home delivery services and watching church services online.

This crisis has been a life-changing and devastating experience for many all over the world. However, I am confident that we all will come out on the other side much more loving and appreciative. We will focus more on what’s truly important in life which is keeping God first and foremost, spending quality time with our families and focusing on our journey to achieve our personal best.

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